What’s Going On?

The Balfour Correspondent – Launches and Events


Hobart Launch:

Wednesday 3o August at Fullers, 5:30pm.

To be launched by Bob Brown, plus conversation with Barbie Kjar and James Dryburgh.



Tasmanian Writers and Readers Festival:

Friday 15th September 7:30-9pm at Hadleys.

Panel chaired by Pete Hay and with Bob Brown, Heather Rose and James Dryburgh



Bob Brown, James Dryburgh, Heather Rose and Pete Hay, with muka nawnta, Salt Water Sisters.

What do wild places mean for the human soul? What of our nature is unlocked when we return to the rhythms of the natural world? How has this changed over time? How are we reshaping this relationship now? Join Pete Hay, Heather Rose, Bob Brown and James Dryburgh for some soul searching.

This session will begin and end with a performance by singers Jodi Haines, Judith Reid and Kartanya Maynard. $25/$20 Tickets HERE:


Launceston Launch:

Friday October 13 at Petrarchs, 6pm.

To be launched by Steve Biddulph.


A spirited girl, a short, bright life, wonderfully unearthed from the mud and gleam of Tasmania’s history.  As we still fight to liberate girls’ potentialities, James sends his fatherly admiration back in time.   Unique, precious and deeply affecting.           Steve Biddulph, author of 10 Things Girls Need Most.


Burnie Launch:

Tuesday 10th October, 6:30pm at the Burnie Regional Museum (Burnie Shines Festival).

To be launched by Ruth Forrest MLC.


Can’t Make It?

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