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Macaria, 68, rock breaker

Travels without a Donkey: Bolivia (4)

I WANTED to experience a day in the life of a Potosí miner to allow me to write about it. I made my way up Cerro Rico to La Mina Poderosa (The Powerful Mine). At eight in the morning when Jorge introduced me to miners I was to be working with, they stared at me, […]

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La Mina Poderosa

Travels without a Donkey: Bolivia (3)

IT´S DIFFICULT to describe the city of Potosí, and impossible for a little donkey to do it justice. It´s also impossible not to speak of Potosí´s story, once it´s touched you. As such, I will dabble with failure in an attempt offer a tiny impression of this incredible city. Potosí, located in the south-east corner […]

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Travels without a Donkey: Bolivia (2)

IN COCHABAMBA, a city of about half a million people, we had one of those ´´what a small world it is moments.´´ Crossing the street we bumped into Anne and Luis, a couple we had met and interviewed in Venezuela. We went for a coffee with the French pair who´ve had amazing lives. Luis is […]

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Lake Titicaca

Travels without a Donkey: Bolivia (1)

FINALLY after a straight forward border crossing we made it to Bolivia, the country I most wanted to visit on the continent. Bolivia is South America´s poorest country and has the highest percentage of indigenous inhabitants. Looking at the history of Latin America the two statistics likely go hand in hand. The first couple of […]

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