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30th Anniversary of the murder of Archbishop Oscar Romero

Travels without a Donkey: El Salvador (4)

My fears about Victor working in the sugar cane fields have been confirmed. It seems as if his three week trial has given him a taste of working life and he has quit school. I have been very sad about it as I see education as a way out of a life of poverty, an […]

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“Cherito” (Little Mate). Hero guerrilla fighter

Travels without a Donkey: El Salvador (3)

WE’VE been interviewing ex-guerrilla fighters as I plan to write an article about the experiences of these men and what became of them after the war. It intrigues me how these men dealt with adjusting to ‘peace’ after twelve years of war. Some of them were children when the war started. I imagine one of […]

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Community Meeting

Travels without a Donkey: El Salvador (2)

SO the comment I made at the football tournament, something like “Thank God everyone’s so chilled here, given they all carry machetes” was somewhat ill-timed. That night two drunken men got in to an argument at the ‘Canteen’, which is about 50 yards from our house. They were kicked out and continued arguing a short way […]

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Luis Alexander and Fernando

Travels without a Donkey: El Salvador (1)

I AM starting to get used to the heat now. If I have a cold shower and then walk very slowing straight in front of the old fan and don’t move, I can go a couple minutes without sweating. Of course, this does not work between 10am and 4pm as its too hot, and by […]

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