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Santa Claus calling a child on Christmas Eve

Travels without a Donkey: Goodbye

It is fitting that this being the 27th and final Donkey, it has a donkey tale. Marcelo, a local friend, who through his generosity, lack of lust for money and his community spirit, is like the unofficial mayor of his very poor village Bellavista, which is on the outskirts of Bahia. Bellavista is an area […]

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Travels without a Donkey: Chile

Often art achieves more social progress than politics, and often artists are greater leaders than presidents or prime ministers. Art is not confined by the same stifling boundaries that incarcerate both the creators and the recipients of politics. In my opinion, there are three great artists, each very different and from very different countries, who […]

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Macaria, 68, rock breaker

Travels without a Donkey: Bolivia (4)

I WANTED to experience a day in the life of a Potosí miner to allow me to write about it. I made my way up Cerro Rico to La Mina Poderosa (The Powerful Mine). At eight in the morning when Jorge introduced me to miners I was to be working with, they stared at me, […]

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La Mesa

Travels without a Donkey: Peru (2)

CUZCO is nestled in a valley of red brown hills, which are dotted with camouflaged mud brick houses that are the colour of the surrounding dirt that they have been made with. As such, mud brick houses change colour with the geology. It is easily the most ´touristy´ place we have been in Latin America […]

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Travels without a Donkey: Ecuador (3)

ECUADOR´S Constitution states that the rights of Pachamama (Mother Nature) must be protected. Ecuadorians are very proud of their amazingly diverse environment and in many ways seem highly aware of environmental issues. On the other hand, as with elsewhere in Latin America they have not collectively got a grip on the problem of plastic rubbish. […]

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Message of hope

Travels without a Donkey: Venezuela (1)

IT IS important to begin these impressions of Venezuela by explaining that our time in this country, in which we have been lucky enough to get beneath the surface, has confirmed suspicions that 90 per cent of what we hear about Venezuela in Australia is utter nonsense. It’s not in the paper it is on […]

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Community Meeting

Travels without a Donkey: El Salvador (2)

SO the comment I made at the football tournament, something like “Thank God everyone’s so chilled here, given they all carry machetes” was somewhat ill-timed. That night two drunken men got in to an argument at the ‘Canteen’, which is about 50 yards from our house. They were kicked out and continued arguing a short way […]

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Luis Alexander and Fernando

Travels without a Donkey: El Salvador (1)

I AM starting to get used to the heat now. If I have a cold shower and then walk very slowing straight in front of the old fan and don’t move, I can go a couple minutes without sweating. Of course, this does not work between 10am and 4pm as its too hot, and by […]

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Travels without a Donkey: Bogota

AFTER 11 hours on a plane from Madrid we bounce down in Bogota. To get a real taxi you need to get past the fake taxis who take you to a hotel they are getting commission from rather than the one you want, apparently telling you such stories as your hotel is closed or has […]

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